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Business Intelligence Growth & Value


Business Intelligence Growth & Value

By shifting standard practices to data-driven initiatives and transforming key roles to include teams of high-level data professionals, big data analytics has given companies the ability to effectively grow their business and raise the competitive bar.

As data discovery becomes crucial to organizations, BI tools

As data discovery becomes crucial to organizations, BI tools have become more robust. Even the least tech-savvy users can draw key insights by sifting through wide ranges of easily accessible data.

But the revolution hasn’t come to a halt yet.

We’ve put together the infographic below to highlight the power and future of business intelligence key insights by filtering wide ranges of easily accessible data.

Businesses are finding innovative ways to leverage big data every day. from identifying potential customers to preventing frauds, companies are using analytics to help them be more effective. Here are some remarkable statistics that show the impact Business Intelligence and Data Visualization are having on our world.

To see our point we have we’ve put together the following points to highlight the power and future of business intelligence.

  • Companies using analytics are 5 times more likely to make a decision.
  • By 2018 there will be 1.5 million shortfall of data professionals in the U.S. alone.
  • The BI and Analytics market will grow to 20 Billion by 2019.
  • 85% of business leaders believe big data will dramatically change the way they do business.
  • By 2017 over 50% of business users and analysts in organization will have access to self service tools.
  • 42% companies plan to deploy mobile Business Intelligence
  • By 2019, 90% of large organizations will hire a Chief Data Officer.
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